Saturday, May 10, 2014

On Mother's Day

Mother: a word that carries the essence of our conception of nurturing, connectedness, love.  From our own language, we believe it is the direct descendent of the Proto-Germanic mōdor.

Linguists have commented on its affinity in nascent language to the bilabial nasal sound of “mama,” a word that hews even closer to these deep conceptions.

In contrast, things we may not conjure when we think of Mother - the human maternal caregiver or the archetype of Mother Nature - are the notions of violence, aggressiveness, selfishness or solitary survival.  Rather, we recognize our love and appreciation of Her and how essential She is to our deepest, sustaining emotions and impulses, those that place us closest to our own compassion.

On Mother’s Day we can contemplate some as we reciprocate original love and outwardly vindicate the deep human bonds that sustained us from our first breath.

Happy Mother’s Day.