Friday, August 1, 2014

Realpolitik and Moral Inversion

In mystical moments, while struggling with disturbing questions of desperate humanity in the face of Realpolitik, I find myself talking to Hannah Arendt and George Orwell, two writers who understood the underbelly of insidious power all too well. 
These casualty numbers are coming from Palestinian aid workers and relief agency reports, but a review will be done in the end to corroborate and finalize estimates.
Israel is violating the Fourth Geneva Convention among others and is also violating the International Weapons Convention.

Today's New York Times story on the kidnapping of an IDF soldier at Rafa as a pretext for ending a just-announced ceasefire, per usual, obscures important facts and questions.  What is an IDF soldier doing at the border of Egypt and Gaza; a place not accessible from Israel?  What is Egypt's role?  What about the timing of the announcement?  The Israelis had recently bombed the Rafa area, killing hundreds of civilians with DIME munitions, horrific weaponry that Doctors without Borders has indicated leave untreatable wounds and cause severing of torsos and limbs. The Tungsten alloy compounds contained in these munitions have been studied by the US Armed Services scientists and found to cause neoplastic transformations (carcinomas) in human tissue.  Documented evidence by Human Rights Watch and other organizations has already shown the IDF using White Phosphorous in offensive weapons in the 2008 invasion of Gaza.  White Phosphorous is a chemical allotrope whose use in offensive weapons is proscribed under The Laws of War.

UNICEF has claimed that Israel is intentionally targeting children, since all GEO coordinates for safe, internationally recognized refugee centers and temporary hospitals have been published for the IDF at least 17 times during the conflict.  If UNICEF is correct, then Netanyahu and his colleagues are in the same category as Slobodan Milosevic.  Under normal democratic governing and international law that would mean they would be put on trial at the Hague.  Ironically, the legal principles written into the international law come directly from the Nuremberg Principles, which themselves were taken from the Nuremberg Trial of Nazi war criminals after WWII. The moral inversion created by successive Likud governments defies description even by the most skilled ironist.  On the other hand, history shows that the prosecution of war crimes is only undertaken by the victors against the vanquished.

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