Thursday, February 20, 2014


There, I find you in uncertain ablaut relation
To Old High German roots
With a vowel perhaps, deflecting you over time

From some base pipe in a bag of wind to a more modern
Tuning of strings,
Monotonous, unrelated to martial endeavors.

Such an odd contortion of the mapping mind horizon
Pattern-matching its way through history: Homo.
We'll look up in blighted wonder at your unvarying,

With the silent, projected and dutifully embarrassing means
Of aspirational empire servicing its selfsame survival…
You, known only from the periphery, virtual and iconic

Deftly moving, directed, a meta-force,
The meticulous and unscrupulous
Voyeur, now mastering the stolen heavens,

Malevolent in a universe void of judges,
Finding your home

In the gray matter of imagination destroyed.
 Kevin Swanwick

Sunday, February 16, 2014


On our return from a 3:15AM run to the airport, Paulette and I stopped at the historic State Line Diner for breakfast.  Only two other patrons were there.  We worked through our grogginess, though my very early, strong coffee had given me an advantage.

As we headed north through the Ramapo Mountains during twilight and under a full moon, we quietly took in the monochromatic experience passing before us: mountains, snow-covered trees, drifts, rock ledges and unwinding, sparsely trafficked highway.

Paulette is interested in light, as an artist, but also as a student of natural phenomena.  We are two peas in a pod.  We discussed the white light wavelength scattering of the twilight period in our place and time in space: 41 degrees North Latitude between 6AM and 6:30AM in mid-February.  We waited in anticipation for our retinas to receive the coming change as predicted by the emergence of red, orange and yellow wavelengths entering the atmosphere.  Gable walls of farmhouses, painted white, suddenly emitted bright peach-colored hues and tree trunks, which had just looked like black lead pencil drawings on white paper took on deep brown and complex orange shadings, each acting as a new light source itself.

Today’s agenda includes preparations for repainting Paulette’s bedroom, something she has been painstakingly planning.  I think this morning’s introduction, dominated by the power of light phenomena couldn’t have been better timed.  Life is beautiful.